About us

Seven Stars Group LTD is the sample of global online trade.

SSG LTD is an international investment group of companies, which is situated in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Our company’s principal task is to integrate traders and investors of the currency market into the unified investment network that will give them an opportunity to trade together and make use of the collective potential.

Seven Stars Group LTD was founded in 2010 by the famous American FOREX trader Mario Rossi, who has a rich list of achievements and hundreds of successfully implemented contracts in past.

Initially, our company provided the large investors from Western Europe, China, and the USA with consulting services, but in 2016, after a strong structural shift in the world stock market, the experts of our team decided to create a new range of services for our customers, in particular, asset management. For 2 years of successful work and careful diversification of assets, the funds of our company have grown by more than 13 times and go on to increase rapidly.

In 2018, according to the research of our financial department, we are completely ready to enter the private investment and trust management market.

Nowadays, we start a completely new investment online platform with the same name, due to which absolutely each person of the world can begin to increase his earnings by investing his funds in our company.

We have created 4 balanced investment proposals for our potential customers who will be able to meet their needs entirely.

In addition to the possibility of passive earnings, absolutely all of our partners will have an access to:
  • 24-hour qualified technical support
  • Insurance of clients deposits in full size, without top cover
  • Guarantees of the performance of obligations by the company's own funds

Having invested your money in our company today, you can open great opportunities for yourself in the future, because the Seven Stars Group LTD is the easiest chance to get income from investments in Forex.

Also, it is necessary to admit that our company highly appreciate the most important qualities of the modern investment platform - honesty and openness in particular. Below you can find all the juridical documents of our organization, and also the license to conduct commercial activities. Besides, the traders of our company publish daily reports about the work we have done and the complete final profit on the base of trading. So, all our current and potential investors can make sure in the сlarity of our actions, because we are completely confident in our abilities and are eager to ensure honest and stable income to everybody!

Open an investment account at the Seven Stars Group LTD immediately and enjoy the world of great possibilities of FOREX today.

If you have any questions please consult your personal manager in any comfortable way using the «Contacts» tab.